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Bagged Materials



Rugby Premium Cement in plastic bags in a light colour to match Cotswold Stone. Also Rugby Plus, slightly darker in colour in paper bags. Available in 25kg bags.

Sand & Ballast

23kg bags of 20mm washed & graded Ballast, Sharp Sand (also known as grit sand) and 50/50 mixed Building Sand.



Added to Cement to reduce the amount of water drawn into the brickwork. Available from stock in 25kg bags.


Multi Finish

A versatile final coat plaster suitable to use on all suction backgrounds. Available from stock in 25kg bags.


Post Mix

A mix of aggregate and cement for a ready-made fast setting product ideal for ground fixings such as fence posts. Simply open the bag, empty the contents and add water. Sold in 25Kg bags, not the smaller ones found in many DIY stores.


Tough Coat

An undercoat plaster with high coverage and good impact resistance. Available from stock in 25kg bags.



An undercoat plaster for low suction backgrounds such as cement and plasterboard or surfaces treated with bonding agents. Available from stock in 25kg bags.


Drywall Adhesive

Used to fixing plasterboard to a solid background in a dry lining situation. Available from stock in 25kg bags.

Floor Levelling Compound

Self levelling product that can be covered in 8 hours. Includes latex powder for improved flexibility. Colour grey.

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